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Speldhurst Village Hall Trustee Meetings


Here you can find a copy of the minutes from the latest trustee meeting.  To view the minutes for previous trustee meetings you can download a copy at the bottom of the page.



Minutes of the
 Trustees Meeting
Speldhurst Village Hall
Thursday 20th April 2017 

Prior to the AGM a full Trustees meeting was convened 

Present: Nick Burgess (Chairman), Chris Mann (Vice Chairman), Sybil Oddy, Beatrix Schuster (Treasurer), Olive West, Terry Shoebridge, Susie Wesson, Cllr David Turner, Lizzie Pannell,  Karen Bowles,  Mark Oddy, Nicola Rees, Ivan Godsell, Simon Renton, Paul Harvey (Administrator)

Apologies for absence: Jenny Fitzsimmons (hospital)

2.  A verbal financial account for 2016 was presented to the Trustees explaining the emailed report already sent to Trustees. This year there was a profit.  DG asked a couple of questions one of which was why it is showing that More had been paid out to one off hirers than had been paid in. PH could not answer this question without checking the accounts but confirmed that definitely he had not paid out more than he had received. He would check the accounts the following morning.                       PH

The Trustees meeting was then suspended.


Minutes of the
Annual General Meeting
Speldhurst Village Hall
Thursday 20th April 2017


Present: As Trustees meeting above.                                                                                       

3.  Apologies: As above.

4.  Minutes of the AGM Thursday 21st  April 2016: these were accepted as a true record and approved by the meeting.

5.  Matters arising: 

  • Resurfacing of St Marys Lane – this idea has been parked as the lane does not require any major maintenance at the moment. SR advised that he has written to the Parish Council and has received a grant Application form from them.
  • PH confirmed that he did ask the Speldhurst News to publish all the hire rates but he had been advised that there wasn’t enough room. He therefore advised that the damage Indemnity was now £100.00 for all types of bookings. He also confirmed that the halls rates were emailed to Speldhurst School to ensure that they did not undercut the hall.        

6.  Chairmans report: 
NB started his report by thanking everyone for the work they had put into the hall over the last 12months: John Hackman is now the caretaker and is still providing a terrific service as well as undertaking the cleaning of the hall instead of the previous contractors. He is proving to be an excellent caretaker who is very proactive.
Finally, NB confirmed that he would only stand as Chair for another 12 months but would continue as a Trustee.

7.  Treasurers report:  This was basically the same report as was given to the Trustees earlier.  As no members of the public had attended the AGM< no further questions were asked by the Trustees.
8.  Maintenance report:
CM firstly confirmed the Chairman’s comments re John Hackman and that John had in fact taken a lot of work off him. Nothing major had occurred over the previous year, small things that had happened are as follows:

  • The corner bollard had been made taller and a sign attached to it so that it could be seen more easily by drivers. He still has to hatch 1 parking bay but had to wait for a constant temperature.
  • A new hearing loop had been installed and was working properly.
  • CM advised that the gents latrine was now leaking and it had to be replaced. The cost would be £1043 (half price). He advised that the cartridge would need to be changed every 6 or 12 months at a current cost of £20.00. The meeting approved this expenditure. CM advised that the new latrine should be fitted by 2nd week May.                                             CM


PH raised the following with CM:

  • Entrance door was still not shutting properly on every occasion. CM to check.                     CM
  • 1 additional bollard need re cementing – CM advised that this had been done.
  • Had the windows for the ladies toilet been re pointed? Yes
  • Costs for new radiator covers to allow for more heat. – CM to investigate                            CM

NB thanked CM for all the work he had carried out during 2016.

9.  Appointment of Trustees: 
All Trustees had previously advised that they were prepared to continue in their role as Trustees.
The following electins were then undertaken:

    1. Representative Trustees: St Mary’s Church – Nicki Rees, Speldhurst Parish Council – Cllr David Turner, WI and Library – Olive West and Pat Carter, Flower Show – Alan Ford, Bowls – Olive West, Allotments – Mark Oddy,   Scouts – Nick Burgess, Guides – Sybil Oddy, Toddlers – Jenny Fitzsimmons, St Mary’s Lane residents – Simon Renton, War Games – Terry Shoebridge, Speldhurst School – Ivan Godsell.

Denis Giannini - Mens Club.

    1. Elected Trustees:

Lizzie Pannell, Chris Mann, Susie Wesson, Beatrix Schuster and Karen Bowles      
would continue as Elected trustees

10. AOB


The Trustees meeting was then re-opened.

11.  Minutes of the meeting dated 13th October 2016: 
These were accepted as a true record and approved by the meeting.

12.  Matters arising from the minutes of the Trustees meeting 13th October 2016:
Nothing that hadn’t been raised already.

13.  Hire rates:  
PH advised the current level of finances in the current account and that bookings for the first 4 months of 2017 were 25% up on the same period in 2016. He believes the increase is not due to the Indemnity being reduced to £100.00 but more likely that hirers have got used to the new system.
It was therefore agreed that there was no need to increase hire rates this year but as normal, finance would continually be looked at and if necessary a request to increase the rates would be made at the next Trustees meeting.

14.  Fete donation:    
This was not discussed at the meeting but PH advised that it had been in the Speldhurst News that the proceeds from the 2016 fete would be split between the Village Hall and the Recreation Ground.
15.  Appointment of Officers on the Management Committee: 
Elections took place and the exhisting members were re elected as follows:

    Chairman – Nick Burgess 
    Vice-Chairman – Chris Mann
    Treasurer – Beatrix Schuster 
    Maintenance and Fire Officer – Chris Mann 
    Health and Safety – this position remains open
    Plus – Sybil Oddy, Karen Bowles, Susie Wesson and Terry Shoebridge are also on the committee.
    Paul Harvey is in attendance at all meetings as administrator/secretary.

16. Jenny Fitzsimmons was originally going to give a brief presentation on a seminar she attended given by Rural Kent but as she was in hospital, obviously was unable to give it. The main item she wanted to discuss was that the Management Committee could not make decisions on finance – this should be done by the Trustees. The meeting decided that they did not want to be concerned about minor expense, say up to £200.00 but any major expense should be made by the trustees. It was agreed that the Management Committee would propose the particular expense and it should be mentioned in the minutes of the meeting with a note that if they did not agree, they should advise the Administrator within 2 weeks.
It wasn’t mentioned at the meeting but JF did agree to continue to represent the hall with Rural Kent when possible.

17. Future Financial Requirements
PH advised that he had been told that the Water Fire Extinguishers were out of date. This had not been advised by the company who did the fire extinguisher service but by a separate company.  He told the meeting that he had problems getting the company to carry out the last inspection (they had in fact taken 16 months instead of the agreed 12 months).
He gave prices both for new and refurbished extinguishers and also annual inspection charges. The trustees agreed that new water extinguishers should be purchased (depending on the shelf/guarantee life) and that the annual inspection should not be carried out by the current inspectors (who were very slightly cheaper).                                                                                                                               PH
Redecoration was discussed. PH advised costs depending on when the redecoration took place. One company stated that they could not do it during August 2017 but was slightly cheaper. Since the meeting PH has asked this company again. The costs did not include ceilings or re varnishing skirting boards etc.                                                                                                                                 PH

18. AOB
PH advised that the old crockery was still upstairs and NB offered it to anyone present who wanted it.

The meeting agreed that the minutes of the trustees meetings should be posted on the hall web page. 
NB thanked SO for refreshments


Date of next meetings: 
Next Trustees meeting:         Thursday 12th October at 8.15pm
Next Management meeting:  Thursday 15th June – time to be agreed.


The meeting was formally closed at 9.15pm.




Previous trustee meeting minutes downloads:

None available at present.